Dan Gribbin

Hi, I'm Dan

I'm Dan Gribbin, a Senior Software Engineer at Brand Networks. JavaScript is my primary obsession, followed quite closely by hipster coffee and music.

I wrote jQuery Tag-This, a simple-yet-powerful tagging plugin.

I teach web development at the Rochester Brainery.


I've spoken at a few jQuery Conferences– San Diego and Austin. You can find slides and video links for those talks below.

  • How To How-To - slides
  • Transforming Front-End Disaster Code™ Into a Maintainable Masterpiece slides - video

Where You Can Find Me

Location: Rochester, NY

I came to Rochester in 2012 to write code at Brand Networks in the beautiful High Falls neighborhood.

Some of my favorite places in Rochester include Cobb's Hill, Record Archive, The Daily Refresher, The Owl House, and Pour Coffee Parlor.

You should check out the Rochester Brainery. I teach web development classes here, and they offer a ton of other affordable, awesome classes to attend.

If you're going to be in Rochester and want some more suggestions, get at me.